+ Pre-Operative Instructions

Stop taking anti-inflammatory medications and anticoagulants (these include Coumadin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Aspirin, and any Ibuprofen or Naproxen products) prior to surgery. Your doctor will notify you how long to stop taking these medications prior to your surgery. You may take Tylenol as needed for pain. If you take a daily prescribed blood thinner, you are to consult with the prescribing doctor on dosage instructions for before and after your surgery.

No eating or drinking for 8 hours prior to surgery except for prescribed medications.

Take prescribed medications on the day of your surgery with a small sip of water.

We recommend being aware of your surroundings and avoid staying outside for a long period of time to avoid scrapes, rashes, blisters, abrasions, or bug bites. We do not want any open wounds or rashes on the affected extremity. If you notice any type of these skin conditions, please contact our office so we can perform a quick skin check.

Do not shave the affected extremity for 1 week prior to your surgery and remove any artificial nails and/or nail polish.

If you have a fracture requiring surgery, please keep the affected extremity elevated as much as possible to keep the swelling to a minimum.