Joel Mietus, Austin Physical Therapist at Orthopedic Associates of Central Texas

Joel Mietus


Joel has worked as a Physical Therapist for 22 years. He studied Exercise Science at Brigham Young University before enrolling in Physical Therapy School at TWU in Dallas, where he received his MS in Physical Therapy in 1996. His Master’s Thesis addressed the effect of ACL Reconstruction on Balance and Proprioception. He lived in the Dallas area for 16 years working in outpatient orthopedics, treating professional athletes from the NBA, MLS, and PBR, managing as many as 16 clinics, and eventually owning his own clinic. After selling the clinic, he moved to Austin to be nearer to family in 2012. He loves raising his 4 children in Williamson County, enjoying the outdoor life that central Texas offers, and doing home improvement projects. His treatment philosophy includes understanding the underlying pathology of a patient’s pain and dysfunction and empowering the patient to have ownership of their recovery process. He and his wife, Jennifer (also a Physical Therapist), have been married for 17 years.