Foot And Ankle

Foot and Ankle

Most often, doctors see sprains or tears in ligaments, strains or tears in tendons or muscles, deep bruising, and fractures. These common types of foot and ankle injuries, most of which involve multiple structures, including soft tissues, bones, joints, and nerves often occur as a result of slip-and-fall accidents, improper footwear, sports injuries, and car accidents. Other injuries occur because of diseases like arthritis or diabetes or conditions such as bunions or corns that either decrease sensations in the foot or cause painful areas that can result in an imbalanced or unstable gait.

How Can the Doctor Decide if I Need to Have Surgery?

The doctor will carefully check the foot and ankle with a thorough physical examination to look for signs and symptoms to determine if surgery is necessary. Imaging tests including X-ray, MRI, or other diagnostic imaging are used to test the structure of the foot and ankle and to plan surgery to achieve the best possible outcome. Some foot and ankle injuries are treatable with non-surgical care, other injuries, like complex fractures and ligament or tendon tears, most often require surgery to repair. Many issues affecting the structures or surfaces of the joint, including advanced arthritis, also require surgery.

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